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We are Paula and Gordon, experienced and independent travelers. We have been organizing our own bespoke travels for a long time.

We share our experiences, stories and tips with you, so that you can travel your way and get exactly what you want and deserve. After all all you , You’ve Earned It.

Where Would you Like to Go?

We have been to many places and done many unique things and if we haven’t, we have asked other travel writers to share their ideas and homes with you.

What would you like to See, Do, and Taste?

A huge part of travel is based on learning about different cultures, through food, experiences and activities. We share a lot of usual and unusual ideas.

How Can 'You' Make it Happen?

We are experienced travelers and will encourage you with practical ideas and advice on getting exactly what you want, and not what some else wants for you.


Eurobodalla Nature’s Own Playground

Eurobodalla Nature’s Own Playground If you want to experience a playground of a very different kind, then visiting Eurobodalla, on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia will more than meet these needs. Here the playground is a little different because it is... read more

6 Hacks to UPSELL Yourself

6 Hacks to UPSELL Yourself, where the bottom line is if you don’t upsell yourself, who else will? “The story of the human race is the story of men and women selling themselves short.” Abraham Maslow It is a common problem with people to undersell themselves, to not... read more

Do You Make These 21 Travel Mistakes?

Of course, we all make mistakes in organising our travels, but Do You Make These 21 Travel Mistakes? You really shouldn’t be making these, seasoned traveller or not. 1. Not Checking your Passport Passport processing can take up to six weeks, so as soon as you start... read more

Serendipity - the art of making happy discoveries

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Contented Traveller is a Travel Business. As such we like to work with other businesses on mutually beneficial projects.We have worked with many travel companies, hotels, tourism boards to bring the latest travel trends to our readers.


Contented Traveller is read in 130+ countries. Our readers are modern, open-minded and socially responsible individuals with a very strong interest in travelling, cultural destinations and looking for something that is unique.


Our work appears on many travel sites giving us a very good exposure to many regions throughout the world. We write about all aspects of travel including food, culture and getting the most from your hard earned dollar.

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