We only got to see Brussels for a short time but it left me wanting more, a lot more. I don’t know about you but I get feelings about a place pretty quickly. They might be good and they might leave me wanting to be convinced. They might make me change my mind. Rarely does a place leave me totally cold but it has happened, once.


I got a great feeling about Brussels straight away. It has that vibe. What I was able to see of the city, shows its historic splendour, its contemporary political status, its Art Nouveau buildings are a delight and its large and green parklands and woods enticing.


Brussels is tres chic!

Brussels does not consider itself a part of Belgium. It “is” Belgium and all of the other cities and towns are merely bit players. Is this arrogance? Possibly not. They are chic, urbane, and ridiculously sarcastic in a jovial way or is it just irreverent humour?


It is quite funny but Ghent also seems to see themselves as independent of Belgium. Does Antwerp? Do other towns and regions also? We had been warned innumerable times that the Belgium people were “different” but no body could define “different”. Is it that they are not a homogenous nation, but rather a collective of independent and quite free spirited people who just happen to be bound within the same border?

Brussels is all about enjoying the finer things in life. We all know about their chocolates (they are ok), their beer (ok, it seems to work), and their sense of style leaves you wanting to hide in a closet until you can attempt to emulate this.


Brussels perhaps has always been quite smug and keeping their hidden gems to themselves until they were thrown onto the world stage as the head of the European Economic Community. Now the secret is well and truly out of the bag. This little secret is now a big find. And I love it. Brussels just give you that sense of joy de vivre. Yes, we will be back for a lot more of you Brussels.

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