Kitzbuhel, Austria – a video tour

Kitzbuhel, Austria – a video tour


Kitzbühel is a small medieval town in the Tyrol region of Austria and is a renowned as a ski and sports resort. The Hahnenkamm is home of the annual World Cup ski races, including the circuit’s most important event, the downhill race on the famous Streif slope.

The people are fiercely Tyrolean and proud, and the village is picture postcard perfect.

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11 Responses to Kitzbuhel, Austria – a video tour

  1. Absolutely stunning! 😀

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  3. I’ve never heard of this place before. It seems like not many tourists go there. I would love to visit it though. It’s so charming and peaceful. In some way it reminds me of my favourite European city – Prague! :) The video and this music brings back such wonderful memories.

    • Kitzbuhel is actually a really well mown ski resort and there are many Germans that go there. It is so very pretty in the village, I was just loved all of the colours of the houses. I have heard that Prague is a must see place. I am so happy you liked my choice of music :)

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