In the Chinese Year of the Goat, it seems very appropriate that we write about a favourite coffee shop of ours, The Laughing Goat Cafe. Located in Kogarah, a southern suburb of Sydney and close to the airport, this is a clever cafe that gives back to the community.


We first discovered The Laughing Goat Cafe when we were on our way to Sydney last year. A friend had been here before and knew that we would love this quirky little coffee shop, The Laughing Goat Cafe. If you know me, then it took a nano second to put the foot on the brake, and see what he was talking about.

The minute you pull up at The Laughing Goat Cafe you know that this is special because it has original, and individual written all over it…literally.

The Laughing Goat Cafe is located inside Southern Antiques Centre. The antique centre is where many of the props were acquired for movies like The Great Gatsby, Men in Black and Babe. The owner of the café is the daughter of the owners of the antique centre. It is no wonder that we were met with street art on the side of the building, an old petrol bowser out front and some strange looking …goats ..outside.



We of course, didn’t know about the significance of the antique centre in the movie industry until we talked to Jenna or Mrs Goat as she has become known as on Facebook.


The interior of the café is goat themed with metal casted and colourful goats. It also pays tribute to retro styling with some vinyl records on the wall, an old vintage motorbike, antique divers full get-up. In fact, it was hard to know where to look next, and this is a good thing, as a café with some wow factor makes it that more enticing.


The fact that I was able to also purchase a Titanic themed velvet dress in between talking with Jenna, having coffee and a sandwich, made the morning more get cialis no prescription than pleasurable; and us more than fashionably late for a lunch date.

Our second visit coincided with a trip to Sydney’s Mardi Gras and visiting here first, set the tone for the day. The Laughing Goat Cafe is OTT as is the Mardi Gras. The café has even more curios, the coffee was even better, the menu has expanded and the atmosphere is even more delightful than before.


Jenna and Todd are really putting in the hard work to make this café a huge success. They have regular appearances by a real goat that goes by the name of Buddy. What we like a lot about the way they are approaching their business, is that they are giving back to the community as well as growing their own brand.

They hold goat days for children with real goats in the back yard of the café. Just last weekend they held a high afternoon tea, retro of course, to raise money for the leukaemia foundation. This Shave for a Cure raised $5054 for a worthy cause while having fun in the Laughing Goat Cafe.

Standing out from the very competitive Sydney café scene, is imperative.

The Laughing Goat Cafe is innovative. It looks very good, the coffee and the food are very good. The staff are amazing. They are experimenting, successfully, with new ideas like the pop up Asian restaurant. They have utilised the service and skills of street artist Kirk Jenkins to do some amazing frontage, and they are serving up decadent black poison muffins. I give The Laughing Goat Cafe a huge thumbs up and no, we were not their media guests. We just like the cafe a lot.


It is the Year of the Goat, and it is the year of The Laughing Goat Cafe going from strength to strength.


Monday – 10:00 – 4:30
Tuesday – 7:30 – 4:30
Wednesday – 7:30 – 4:30
Thursday – 7:30 – 4:30
Friday – 7:30 – 4:30
Saturday – 8:00 – 4:30
Sunday – 8:00 – 4:30


Jenna-lee Hughes
Todd Russell
(02) 8021 0550
245 Princes Hwy, Sydney NSW 2217

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