Coffee Weekend. Truth be told, coffee suits every day of the week. There is however, something special about weekend coffee. It is a time to catch up with friends and family at a coffee shop.

I make no bones about the fact that this post is total publicity for our new site Best Little Coffee Shops and to share some of the one’s that we have featured so far. It is also an open invitation, to you to share your own best little coffee shop.

Gordon and I feel very qualified to bring you Best Little Coffee Shops.



  1. We are total coffee snobs and spend a lot of our time at coffee shops all over the world. We like coffee shops, and like the vibe of many. Coffee shops make you feel comfortable whether you re by yourself self or with others.
  2. It is because we are Australian. That should be all I need to say, but I will explain more. Australia makes brilliant coffee. We should. We are one of the most multicultural countries in the world and we are quick learners. When we needed skilled workers from overseas, we contacted the Italians and they bought their coffee skills and cooking to us, and built some pretty impressive dams in the process. We needed more skilled workers and we invited the Greeks and they also bought their food and their coffee skills to our shores. Lebanese coffee and food, Turkish coffee and food ..oh yeah. We are very clever with our coffee and we only like good, as in really good coffee. Even New York, have cottoned on to this and are now serving Australia’s very own flat white coffee.


We don’t do coffee chains, because they cannot compete with independent and trained baristas who care.


Best Little Coffee Shops brings you some of the most unique and lovely coffee shops, that make you feel good going to them. Yes, there is a lot more buy cialis pills attention being paid to coffee now in other countries, and many or really taking on board the need to provide what people want. Some of these coffee shops are amazing. Steam punk coffee shops in Cape Town, bike cafes in London, quirky little coffee shops in Japan, and a couple of Australian ones.

It is the weekend and what better inspiration can you have than to get out of bed and go for a coffee.

Contact us if you want to share your best little coffee shop on our site. Let everyone know about it.


Best Little Coffee Shops


Polo Bar – 24 Hour Great British Cafe, LondonThe Watchhouse Café, London

Brick Lane Coffee London

look mum no hands! LONDON


Boston Tea Party Honiton in Devon


Grand Café Maastricht Soiron – Maastricht, NETHERLANDS

Winkel 43, Amsterdam


Gio Caffe, Milano, Italy


Naegel Pâtissier, Strasbourg, France


Agalico Tea House, Bangkok


The Craft Room Nozawa Onsen Japan

Wired Cafe Atre Ueno Tokyo

Napa Cafe Nozawa Onsen


Nylon Coffee Roasters Singapore


Trapper’s Bakery, Goulburn Australia

Litani’s Wollongong

Monster Kitchen and Bar, Canberra

Gusto Deli Cafe, Paddington Sydney

Corner on Bellair Melbourne

Parlour Lane Roasters, Sydney AUSTRALIA


The Chatterbox Cafe Pugwash, Nova Scotia CANADA


Ah Cacao Chocolate Cafe, Playa Del Carmen MEXICO

Dallas, Texas

Crooked Tree Coffeehouse, Dallas, TEXAS


Le Glacier de Opera; Hivernage – Marrakech

Cape Town, South Africa

Truth Coffee Roasting, Cape Town South Africa



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