I have the absolute answer beyond any shadow of a doubt on how to get a date and meet a travelling companion for life – go on a doggy date. This is one theory to finding that elusive person that you are prepared to travel the world with.


The other week I went on a doggy date. That’s right. A doggy date. A very close friend of ours asked us to go for coffee with a friend who has now become a close and supportive friend.


We arrived at the beach coffee shop on a warm and sunny day. Our new friend had a dog. It was a cute little dog, a guide dog in training type look. Our new friends is a nice person and that counts bucket loads, so the conversation and the environment were all conducive for a great doggy date.



What made this even more intriguing was the addition of the “X” factor. Leo the dog. I have never seen so many drop dead gorgeous men and women, average men and women, and ordinary men and women, stop and not only chat up the puppy but also our friend.


My first doggy date astounded and fascinated me. Not only were the young and nubile enraptured by Leo and his owner, but pretty much anyone who walked by. Other dog owners were getting similar attention, and the bond between dog owners astounded me as well as the dog’s interactions that may well have been laying the foundations for their own future travelling companions.


A few days later we were shopping and saw a man with some pug dogs. You know the one’s where you swear you will catch the bus that they ran into. This man was not someone that if you were shallow like me, you would look at twice. However the little dogs stopped everyone in their tracks, and literally the owner.

using a dog to get a date



So this is my theory. If you want to meet someone to travel with for the rest of your life, then get yourself a dog and go on a doggy date. It also stands to reason that if they are kind to animals then they are probably a kind person also.


I am sure I saw Gordon looking up the number for the pound after that.


What has this got to do with travel? Well let’s take a shot at this. You want to travel with someone and if you have common interests like dogs, and your doggy dates have gone well .. then you may have met your travelling companion. Maybe not as long a shot as you think, as friends of ours married after meeting while taking their pooches for a walk and having successful doggy dates.


You will thank me for this advice I am sure.

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