Outside my Front Door is a series of posts by fellow travel bloggers who share what is … outside of their own front door


Vicky from The Travel Well shares a collection of tales as she travels long term for the first time, escaping ‘normal life’ and chasing her dreams. Vicky shares all the tips and tricks that she has picked up along the way, so whether you’re a new traveller or it’s a new destination, The Travel Well will have something for you.


Making the choice to change what was outside my front door was the best decision I’ve ever made – says every single traveller you’ll ever talk to.  But it’s true!  Maybe travel isn’t for anyone, but if it is…go!

Why commit yourself to a life without fulfilment, one bursting with ‘what ifs’ and ‘if onlys’ – when what you want is within arm’s reach?  In today’s world, you can grab your laptop and your debit card and change the course of your life in minutes.  The whole world is outside your front door, and it’s getting increasingly easier to experience it yourself.

What lies outside my front door has been different from one day to the next for a couple of years now.  There’s been the bustling streets of Kolkata, the white sand and clear waters of Indonesia’s Gili Islands, the breathtaking Himalaya, and many miles in between – and all this for almost the same cost as my rent alone would have been back in the UK.

Outside my Front Door, by contentedtraveller.com

That’s where blogs have made the difference – long term travel is suddenly accessible! There’s so many how-to’s and what-for’s available for free that the whole world has opened up.  I didn’t know before I started reading blogs that I could travel; that it is easy, and that a week long holiday every year didn’t feel like enough because it wasn’t.

Outside my Front Door, by contentedtraveller.com

The desire for a solid base; a place to call home, a nice car and a reliable job occasionally does whisper in my ear though.  That is maybe what has brought us to Australia with the plan of working – and of course the money that work will provide, to fuel further travel!  Though we couldn’t get much further from home, Australia has provided a certain sense of familiarity that we both appreciate – at least for a while, until our feet get itchy and we head off again for somewhere exotic and different!  The excitement of an ever changing landscape right outside my front door is far too exciting for me to give up just yet!

Outside my Front Door, by contentedtraveller.com

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Quinns Rocks Beach, right outside my front door

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