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Top 15 Free Things to Do in Tokyo

Tokyo is a fascinating city, and despite its reputation as being a very expensive city, you will be pleasantly surprised at the Top 15 Free Things to Do in Tokyo.  With Japan’s ancient traditions and culture, and it's frankly bizarre side -  you can see a lot of Tokyo...

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Eating Tapas and Exploring Cartagena in Spain

I can’t say I knew a lot about this town, but I can tell you that Eating Tapas and Exploring Cartagena in Spain was one of those serendipitous moments. This city was amazing. It was very good looking. It was fascinating to explore. The food was insanely good, and the...

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Exploring Mykonos by Quad Bike

We made a decision that we would go Exploring Mykonos by Quad Bike. What a great decision this was. If you want to believe the hype about Mykonos being a paradisical island, then believe it. Mykonos is amazing, and if you like blue and vivid white then you are in the...

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