Soft kitty, warm kitty ….


I have only recently discovered the TV show, The Big Bang Theory and I am now a total junkie. I also found out that they are onto the 7th season so I am a little behind, by about 6½ seasons. Why was I not told about this absolutely brilliant show and from my perspective, some of the most creative and compelling writing I have seen?


I think that part of my intrigue in this show, is how they can write such an absorbing script with such authentic characterization. Please do not tell me anything that has happened or anything actually. Box set being delivered as we speak, so I can catch up when we are having downtime overseas.


What I have seen so far has made me a total, down tools, don’t talk to me, let the phone ring out, addict. I am not a huge television watcher but I am so very intrigued by the story telling abilities of the writers and the hugely talented cast that fulfills the writer’s visions.


I think that anyone who writes, even if it is a little travel blog like ours, wants to have that very clear vision that the Big Bang theory writers have. They also want people to be engaged and wanting more. Ergo, me – addicted.


What they have done, for me at the very least, is get me totally engaged. They have got me caring, they have got me riveted to my seat and totally engrossed in their storytelling.


They are masters of characterisation and to my immature critical brain they are exceptionally good at this. They are unique in their concept yet universally appealing – I mean who can’t love/hate the uber geeks, Sheldon, Raj, Wolowitz and Leonard.


Maybe having taught at an academically gifted and talented school for so long, their characters resonate with me personally. I get it. I taught these students for years and yes there were the Sheldon’s and Leonard’s and indeed Raj and Wolowitz. I taught many students who were Asperger’s’, those who were at a genius level with their own little quirks and peccadillos, and I do understand this subculture well.


Another reason I probably revel in it so much is that I know gamers. I may well be married to one in fact, so again this resonates. The talk of Star Wars, and Star Trek and Halo I can sort of understand, despite never having watched either of these movies nor played the game.  The horrifying part is that I understand the computer talk and it is highly accurate. I am with Penny on the physics but a friend of mine says that they are spot on with it. He told me to look for the particle theory jokes.  But he didn’t explain what that meant.


From The Big Bang Theory, I have learnt that:

1.         We Baby Boomers are a subculture too, just like the genius nerds

2.         Our travel blog needs to resonate with our readers

3.         We need to provide usable information to help people plan their own travels with confidence

4.         That there will be no physics stories. Sorry. Ok, here is a joke “Two protons walk into a black hole.”

5.         Provide entertaining stories of our travels


Does The Big Bang Theory make me question what I am doing? Make me feel very inadequate? Most definitely. But ..  I will never be as clever as this team of writers and have their ability to tell such an engaging story, use language so efficiently and show such brilliant characterisation.

But, I do aim to do what we do as well as we possibly can.

However in saying that, I need you all to sing to me now,


Soft kitty,

Warm kitty,

NO, start again you haven’t done it right

Soft kitty,

Warm kitty,

Little ball of fur.

Happy kitty,

Sleepy kitty,

Purr, purr, pur-r-r.


Thank you, I feel better ☺)



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