So You Want to Move to Australia Post Brexit, Don’t You? How ironic. Lucky that we are a very forgiving people, considering that you kicked us out of Britain over 200 years ago, and sent many of our forebears here to Australia as convicts. You did us a huge favour, didn’t you?

Now why would you want to move to the other side of the world? Is it the endless sunshine, the chance for a work and lifestyle balance, or is it the chance to be in a safe environment, where no-one takes themselves -or – anyone else, too seriously.

The Irony

There has certainly been some strong opinions about Britain leaving the EU – the Brexit phenomena. If what I am reading is correct, many of you are thinking about a move to Australia, and why wouldn’t you? I read this today; It’s 1770 all over again: Google shows a massive spike in the number of Brits looking to migrate to Australia following shock Brexit decision. For those who are not Australian or British, 1770 was the European colonization of Australia, although we all know that we were already populated with our indigenous people – the Aboriginals.

After that, Australia was used as a dumping ground for petty criminals, but in effect it was because until 1782, English convicts were transported to America. However, in 1783 the American War of Independence ended. America refused to accept any more convicts so England had to find somewhere else to send their prisoners. This is when you decided to transport them to New South Wales, Australia. Interesting how things turn out, isn’t it? Oh, how I would like to discuss the politics of both your situation and what is happening in America, but I won’t because you will love Australia, and no one really bothers with us anyhow.

While you are all googling immigration to Australia, we will help you out with some reasons why you should move to Australia. I will write this sitting at a beach side cafe.

So, You Want to Move to Australia Post Brexit, Don't You


It doesn’t rain all of the time. It is sunny most of the time, and summer lasts a long time and doesn’t occur on just one day of the year as it does in Britain. Even when it is cold, it is actually not very cold at all.

So, You Want to Move to Australia Post Brexit, Don't You


Yes, Australia has beaches. A lot of them. In fact, we are an island and have beaches all around us. Most people live near to a beach. The beaches are excellent, and they are patrolled most of the time so that you don’t have to worry about the occasional shark.

So, You Want to Move to Australia Post Brexit, Don't You

Health System

We understand that you have a pretty ordinary health system, though better than others, yet no where near as good as what we have here in Australia. We have Medicare, and much as we might whinge, it is a lot better than your health system. Medicare provides basic health cover for all Australians, and there is a private sleeping aids healthcare system as well.

So, You Want to Move to Australia Post Brexit, Don't You

Unspoilt Nature

We are a very buy cialis cheap prices fast delivery diverse country. We go from coastal beaches, to red deserts, to rainforests, to snowy mountains because much as it might surprise you, we do ski in Australia, and it is fun.

Why You Should Move to Australia - Post Brexit

Multicultural Society

47% of Australians were either born overseas or have a parent who was born overseas. And let’s not forget that most of us came here because you lot kicked us out – convicts or something like that.

So, You Want to Move to Australia Post Brexit, Don't You

Multicultural Food

Closely related to our multiculturalism is our food. We have every type of food that you can imagine, and because of our climate, it is fresh and diverse. I would challenge you to not be able to find a cuisine of your choice.

So, You Want to Move to Australia Post Brexit, Don't You

It’s spacious in Australia

We only have 24million people, while you lot have 64million people in a smaller land space. We can cope with a few more of you, and lots of your relatives are here already; possibly predicting the outcome of Brexit. Just putting it out there.

Some trivia for you, the UK would fit into Australia 31 1/3 times. We have the lowest population density of any continent in the world with only 6.4 people per square mile…even though we, like you and unlike the US, use the metric system.

You might like to read this , How far away is Australia and how big is our country?

So, You Want to Move to Australia Post Brexit, Don't You

Job Opportunities

We enjoy a work-life balance. Australia has a strong economy and lowish unemployment rate at around 6%. There is work if you want it, but we do like people to bring something of value with them – some skills so to speak, to contribute to our countries growth.

So, You Want to Move to Australia Post Brexit, Don't You


I am not going to say that you Brits don’t have a good education system; you probably do, but .. we also have excellent public and private schools, and many universities and places of study. In fact, many people choose to come to study in Australia, because they appreciate the high international standards, and the lifestyle, and the weather, and the laid back approach to everything.

So, You Want to Move to Australia Post Brexit, Don't You

No one really cares about Australia

Internationally, we are sort of off the radar. We are too far away to bother about, and therefore we are quite a safe country; a lot safer that many others. That has to be a significant consideration when you decide to move to Australia.

So, You Want to Move to Australia Post Brexit, Don't You


Closely linked to the above point, is that we sort of just get on with it ourselves. We still have your Queen and the royal family, and we actually like them a lot. No-one tells ‘us’ what to do. We are quite irreverent to our politicians, and like to change Prime Ministers regularly, because we don’t like dickheads a lot, and we swear a lot. Keep that in mind if you decide to move to Australia.

When you are doing your internet searches on immigrating to Australia – have a look at the reasons that we have given above on why you should move to Australia Post Brexit.


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