The story of Victorinox, Original Makers of the Swiss buy cialis 20 mg Army Knife is interestingThe Swiss pioneer Karl Elsener founded a cutler’s workshop in 1884. This is where he developed the globally iconic and Original Swiss Army Knife. Victorinox is now associated with quality in every one of their products.

We reviewed two of Victorinox products, which were both awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design. Red Dot Design Award has been around since 1954 and chose the very best in design achievements around the world. A Red Dot is an internationally recognised quality seal. To win an accolade from them is amazing, to win two as Victorinox did , is incredible. Red Dot recognises the Best of the Best.

“The panel of around 40 judges were unanimous – the winning products offered outstanding intricate solutions and stood out from similar products due to their quality and design language.”

We reviewed the two products that were awarded the Red Dot. Victorinox Swiss Chocolate Folding Swiss Army Knife, and Victorinox SwissCard Nailcare.


Victorinox Swiss Chocolate Folding Swiss Army Knife Product Review



Victorinox Swiss Chocolate Folding Swiss Army Knife has custom artwork on it – Swiss chocolate. This combination of two Swiss icons, chocolate and a Swiss army knife is amusing. “Both represent the extraordinary quality and finesse – characters, which perfectly match with Victorinox. This knife is especially a magnet for tourists who want to bring home something typically Swiss.” This knife has two different images on it’s sides. One is of a complete chocolate bar, and the other is where someone has got into the chocolate.

This knife is small, as in you will need to attach it to a key ring so as not to lose it. It measures 58 mm in lengths and is 0.7 mm wide. This pocket rocket has many of those things that you just need when traveling but don’t want to carry around.

The Victorinox Swiss Chocolate Folding Swiss Army Knife has the following tools:

– Nail file with screwdriver
– Key ring
– Toothpick
– Tweezers
– Blade
– Scissors

It has been designed with all of the features that you’ve come to expect from a high-quality Victorinox Swiss Army Knife.

Victorinox remains an independent family company, who sell many things that travelers needs and this little Swiss knife is an ideal addition to your luggage though perhaps not your carry on.

Uses so far:

I have used the nail file with a screwdriver to fix a loose screw in a pair of sunglasses, and that pleased me a lot. Gordon has used it on something fiddly on the computer, and I have not seen it since. I believed that he has coveted the Swiss army chocolate knife.

The nail file is effective, and the scissors and blade are Swiss sharp, so be a little careful. Neither of us has used the toothpick. Just saying. The tweezers are a bonus as they work well, and I am forever losing them somewhere or other.

Verdict: The Red Dot panel got it right. It is useful, handy, well designed obviously and one we will take on our travels.


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The SwissCard Nailcare

The other product, we road tested was another Red Dot award winner by Victorinox, The SwissCard Nailcare


The first thing that I noticed is that is has a glass nail file. Apparently this prevents the file from losing its strength and edge and can be easily cleaned.

This is not much bigger than a credit card, measuring 82 mm in length, 55mm wide, 4.5mm in height and ways 26g. But it has 12 functions. This became a party game to find them all in SwissCard Nailcare.

The 12 Functions are:

• glass nail file
• scissors
• tweezers
• toothpick
• ballpoint pen
• pin stainless
• ruler (cm)
• ruler (inches)
• magnifying lens
• screwdriver 3mm
• screwdriver 5 mm
• Phillips screwdriver for PH1 and PH2

I thought I would use it 1st, but there seems to be more coveting going on, or it could be playing.

To buy, click on the image

Verdict: The Red Dot panel got it right but more importantly the Swiss company, Victorinox, the Original Makers of the Swiss Army Knife got it totally correct. This is an all in one, small and handy pack of goodies and again will easily fit in our luggage without us even noticing it.


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