What is a Boho Chic Traveler?

Gordon and I consider ourselves to be Boho Chic Travelers, and we know many more of you are as well. It stands to reason that our generation were always nonconformist until we did settle down and do all of the right things. Now, we are breaking out and traveling our way.

Boho Chic is normally associated with fashion, and it still can be used in this context as travel style. It is part bohemian and part chic.

Bohemian relates to being a little left of center and a little non-conformist in what you are seeking. It also tends to be associated with your love of new experiences, your love of the arts, music, literature and people.

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It is a little bit hippy and a little bit rock and roll.

Your delight in discovering more about people is more anthropological than weird. You just like to know what makes people tick, from how they cook their meals to how they name their children. As an aside, the Balinese only have four names for their children, Wayan, Made, Nyoman, or Ketut.

Chic, means that you are probably just a little over hostels and backpacking. It means that you have worked hard and have earned the right to travel exactly how you want to. You have problems with being told what to do anyhow. Your chic factor comes from liking a bit of a luxury. It is your Audrey Hepburn moment to be pampered and to have lovely things should this be what you want.

You are a boho chic traveler if you walk through the fields picking mushrooms for a risotto at a cooking school and then lay your head down on MicroCloud pillow.

You are a boho chic traveler when you ski until lunch and then après for the rest of the day at an ice bar in Zermatt.

It is staying at a beautiful hotel in the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona and then going and listening to the street musos in a back alley in Las Ramblas because you can.

You are a boho chic traveler when you hire a Mustang, put Ry Cooder on at the loudest volume as you drive Route 66 singing loudly. That one is on our list.

What is a Boho Chic Traveler

Welcome to our world. We like that we are Boho Chic Travelers and know that you do to. Let us have some fun discovering all of the things that we can do together.

Just like food and wine pairings, we will show you how to pair experiential travel with the luxury factor. It will be a marriage made in heaven.

If you want us to organise your boho chic vacation for you, we do know what we are doing. We have organised many boho chic travels for clients, from seeing the pandas in Chengdu via a Hong Kong city stay, to Australian breaks for a Belgium couple, weekend getaways in Amsterdam and experiential travel Asia and Europe.  Email us to talk and to discuss our rates

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