“Who’s the boss?” – travel couples tell you how they organise their travels.

Continuing our series of posts by travel couples, we determine who does what when it comes to travel organisation. Today we find out

“Who’s the boss” at Seriously Travel?

Marie Hernandez is a blogger, content creator, and founder of Seriously Travel. A Native of New Jersey, she has been living and traveling outside of the US since 2010. She finds her life passion in exploring the world and seeks to inspire the love of travel in everyone.


To my husband Joey and I, travel is paramount to our lives. It just doesn’t seem like a life without experiencing other cultures, cuisines, and religions. As a couple we have many things in common and enjoy the same types of travel, food, and activities. BUT…bless him, Joey has very little input in where we go and what we do once at our destination. His motto: “Tell me where we’re going and what to pack”. To his credit, he trusts me that much.

When we go on our adventures and for how long heavily depends on Joey’s job. There are just so many vacation days he gets in a year, hence why our plans are what they are. You can read our story at Seriously Travel.

I book our flights as I have a knack and the patience to do the research for packages, specials, and comparisons. Organizing how we get to the airport and any stopovers we may have is also left to me…again, Joey admittedly has no patience for the time it takes to arrange it all.

Accommodations are also left to me; not because Joey doesn’t care where we stay, to the contrary, I don’t mind staying in hostels (provided they don’t have rats in the walls!) but Joey absolutely does not like to stay in them. Since I’m fully aware of our preferences, I’m the one who does the research, finds reviews, and discounts, and distributes our travel points. Of course I do run it all by him at some point to get any input he may have which is usually, “Looks perfect, can’t wait”.

With regards to alerting the necessary people of our travel plans and doing the necessary things to ensure our mail is held, bills are paid, etc., we share that responsibility but I do have a check-list that we both use to confirm that all those things have been addressed.

So, “Who’s the boss?” at Seriously Travel?


…clearly it’s me!! And, I think it’s safe for me to say, Joey is more than happy to let me be.

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