Do you choose the Aisle, Window, or Middle Seat on a Flight? I think we all have our preferences when selecting a seat on a flight, but which one do you aim to book?

While most of us can tolerate anything on a short flight, let’s look at long haul flights and your seat preferences here.

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Aisle, Window, or Middle Seat on a Flight?

Here are the advantages of each, and the disadvantages.

Aisle Seat on a Flight


– extra leg room
– access to the bathroom without disturbing others.
– Quick exit on landing.


– the middle and window seat passengers who need to use the bathroom, and you have to move.
– The trolley head smash. Yes, I have had an aisle seat, fallen asleep to be woken to a trolley bashing my head.
– Nothing to lean against.

Middle Seat on a Flight


– None.
– However, and it does happen, because you got suckered, you might as well grab both arm rests.

Yahoo has written an article, Are You Enlightened or a Control Freak? What Your Airplane Seat Choice Says About You, and the people who take the middle seat are extroverts, and outgoing people like social contact,” You’re highly evolved, and you’re considerate, but then they go on to say that you are low on the totem pole.


– The armrest debate. Which one are you entitled to, and do you get one at all or both?
– I am small, so on the times I have sat in a middle seat. The passenger on the window seat takes my armrest, and that is Gordon, my husband, and the passenger on the aisle seat takes my other armrest, and it is generally the 300lb ex-sumo wrestler, and I end up hating them both.

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Aisle, Window, or Middle Seat on a Flight?

Window Seat on a Long Haul Flight


– somewhere to rest your head
– not disturbed by others having to get up and stretch or go to the bathroom
– The possibility of a nice view at take-off and landing.
– Feels slightly more private


– climbing over passengers to go to the bathroom, and waking them up, and getting that, can’t you control your bladder look.
– Can be quite a bit colder if leaning against the side of the aircraft.

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What do you choose, Aisle, Window, or Middle Seat on a Flight?


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