Welcome to our home where we have more deadly animals than any other country in the world. Doesn’t that make you feel good? Yes, we have many many snakes, to welcome you into the Australian bush and often say g’day to you in your own backyard or in my sisters case, made a visit to her bedroom door and she lives in they city. That’s real hospitality.

Our spiders like to greet you on the toilet seat or anywhere else as they are very friendly. We know you have come here for our beaches so really watch out and make yourself known to the blue-ringed octopus and did I mention sharks and stingrays? These can all be found cruising around waiting for a chat.

10 most dangerous animals in Australia

Deadly Animals Welcome You to Australia 

1. Box jellyfish

2. Honey bee

3. Irukandji jellyfish

4. Bull shark

5. Eastern brown snake

6. Saltwater or estuarine crocodile

7. Sydney funnel web spider

8. Blue-ringed octopus

9. Coastal taipan

10. Common death adder

Deadly Animals Welcome You to Australia



One of our famous movies was Crocodile Dundee, because these are more of our inhabitants that are considered dangerous.


Some of our native animals are not deadly at all, but our kangaroos like to jump in front of your car if you are driving at dawn or dusk, because they are our national treasure and it would be impolite not to welcome you Down Under. The wombats also like to join them in greeting you at your car. Our beautiful koala bears love you so much that they there unique way of showing you attention is to scratch you and then to piss on you. .. they are so adorable.

Deadly Animals Welcome You to Australia

Deadly Animals Welcome You to Australia

Our dingoes love babies, just ask Lindy Chamberlain. Our camels, yes we have a huge amount of camels in the outback, just like spitting at you to greet you and our emus, well they are a little odd and may pack your cheek ..hard, but that is because they love visitors so much.


Just because we have a lot of deadly and affectionate animals in Australia, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit us.



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