We all want to know how to fly first class or business class cheaply, or at least, how to get cheap first class or business class tickets on airlines. They only the trouble is, many of us do not have the time or the skills to do it. My friend is pretty good at flying first class all of the time using points and hacks, so we asked him to have a look at the online service, called First Class Flyer. The team at First Class Flyer are the airfare upgrade specialists, and they aim to help you to score those upgrades to business and preferably to first class. Our friend says they are very good, and he has now joined the program to receive the goodies. We trust his judgment.

In the words of First Class Flyer, “You might be someone who would otherwise endure economy because First Class and Business Class is far too extravagant. Or someone who would never endure economy but loathes, nearly as much, paying outrageously for First Class or Busines”. That seems to be on point.

How to Fly First Class or Business Class Cheaply

What do First Class Flyer do?

First Class Flyer study airline sites, read the fine print and discover great deals and last minute opportunities to secure discounted seats and free upgrades to Business and First Class. They also know all about anomaly fares, which is basically when the airline screws up, and you as the passenger wins. One anomaly fare I saw on their site the other day was for a Business Class Fares to Australia Starting at $3,887 (Reg. $6,005) on United. OR New Business Class Fares Found to Europe Starting at $1,803 on Airberlin


History of First Class Flyer

First Class Flyer has an interesting history. It was created 20 years ago by Matthew Bennett. He was a baseball pitcher with the Kansas City Royals farm team. The team traveled a lot, and Matt figured out how it was done. He studied generic cialis india airline schedules and fine-print minutiae to find the best options. Other team members quickly followed his lead and in effect it grew from there; earning him the name of Mr Upgrade.

Mr Upgrade

Matthew is called “Mr. Upgrade” and is regularly consulted by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Condé Nast Traveler. First Class Flyer is independent of the airlines and do not receive any kickbacks from First Class Flyer. They are a separate entity.

How to Fly First Class or Business Class Cheaply

Getting First Class or Business upgardes is made easy

If you find an upgrade deal on the First Class Flyer site, the applicable airline availability codes are provided which you can simply pass on to your travel agent or airline reservationist. It’s all simply laid out and easy to access.

The “Wimbledon Widget” is a tool for luxury travelers. You select your departure city and destination, and whether you want to fly Business or First Class. I need to add that not all cities are there as yet. Sydney was missing. However if you are flying to London for example, you can see the seat availability on any given date, and when you roll the mouse over the date you get information such as what events are happening on that day at Wimbledon, or sightseeing ideas for London.

Try It Out For Yourself

Visit First Class Flyer to sign up for a free 14-day test drive where you’ll get all the latest fare strategies delivered directly to your inbox. After 14 days, you can pay as little as $97 per year to continue getting these upgrade tips and tricks as the First Class Flyer team finds them.

Worth it? Ok, we live in Australia, and it takes us over 20 hours to get to Europe, or 14 hours to get to the US. For $97 a year, or more for the premium package, get me upgraded. No brainer. Join right here.

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