Whether you like it or not, traveling can be exhausting, so this is How to Get Fit Before you Travel. You are out seeing and doing things that are different, and your body needs to be prepared for this. Keeping fit while travelling is imperative. Many iconic sites that you will go and see may well involve climbing steps, walking up hills, or just lots and lots of walking. In many European countries, just going to the bathroom can be a trek up steep steps. I know this to be the case because I had a broken leg, and subsequently developed a very strong bladder because there were so many steps to negotiate with crutches. Just carrying your suitcase requires you to develop some stamina. Getting match fit for travel will make you a much happier person, and you will see and do so much more.

How to Get Fit Before you Travel

Give Yourself Time to Get Fit Before you Travel

It is not much use jogging around the block a week before you head off on your travels. Start well before hand, and make exercise a part of your normal life. Walking is always a great way to exercise, and you will walk a lot when you travel. Join a gym, get a personal trainer, start a fitness class quite a while before you depart. Give yourself time to get fit before you travel. I mean even playing Pokemon Go will get you fit for travel, and will ensure you see new places in a different way. Read this if you don’t believe me.


Eat a Healthy Diet

Not only do you want to look fabulous when you travel, but you will inevitably, and should eat whatever you like when you travel. Travel and food are a perfect combination. You should be eating new and different foods because food is a great way to meet people and to learn about new cultures. If you start from a good base, then you will not need to feel guilty when you eat that extra gateau in Paris.

How to Get Fit Before you Travel

Buy and Wear the Right Exercise Shoes

This is more than important. You need to work out what is the most appropriate footwear for what you intend doing. It is worth getting the best advice, and paying for the most comfortable shoes possible. However, you really should be wearing them in a long time before you set foot on that plane, boat, train or car. Who wants blisters and ill fitting shoes? Wear them in. Forget fashion, and go for practical comfort, though you can have both. I swear by my Merrell sandals and boots


Lift Your Weights

Your suitcase will need to be carried ..by you. When an airline says you can take 23kg or 30kg, have a think about it. Do you want to be dragging it around, regardless of whether it has wheels or not? Do you want to be lifting this much onto trains, or overhead racks etc? No matter what weight you pack, you will be responsible for getting this around. You are best to build some muscle before you go, and nothing is better than a bit of weight training.


Improve Your Stamina

Sleep is something you can do when you get home from your vacation. You will be on the go all of the time when you travel, and it can be exhausting. You will walk, climb stairs, stay out late and generally make the most of the entire time. Undoubtedly you spent a lot of money on your vacation, and you work hard and have earned this wonderful break. Improve your cardiovascular by climbing steps, riding a bike, swimming or even dancing before you go, then when you are doing this in different countries, you will be a pro. Get the heart rate going.

How to Get Fit Before you Travel

Improve your flexibility

Improving your flexibility is always a great idea. Yoga and Pilates, for example, are fantastic ways to build your core strength. Core exercises improve your balance and stability, and when you walk on uneven surfaces, this will hold you in good stead.

Do your Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Exercises

This exercise is especially important to do when you are sitting for extended periods of time, as in a plane. Exercise your lower leg muscles to improve circulation in your legs. Point your toes up toward your head so that the calves of your legs are stretched, then relax. Use compression stockings to help prevent DVT if you are at risk.

See your Doctor

Check with your doctor to make sure that you are fit enough to travel, and that your fitness program is appropriate for you. Make sure that you take the medications that you need when you go, and also read Taking Prescription Medications into other Countries? And find out what you need from your doctor.

Staying fit when you travel.

The one thing you do not want to worry about when you travel is having to exercise. You will inevitably be doing this anyhow when you walk around in wonder and amazement. The most important thing is to stay hydrated always. You might like to read my Sensible Tips for Healthy Travel, which allows you to indulge and have fun while staying as fit as possible. Another article that might help is How to Eat Well When Skiing

It is very important to get fit before you travel and to have the stamina and endurance to have the very best time ever.

How to Get Fit Before you Travel


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