The Sultan Hotel Jakarta is for People Who Mean Business. Many business deals occur at The Sultan Hotel Jakarta. This is a statement hotel, which shows your authority as a business person, and also caters to your every business and personal requirement. Global business travelers are flocking to Jakarta, Indonesia, which has become a major business hub in the Asia region. With this comes the requirement for accommodation that is fit for showing your business intent.

William Shakespeare stated ‘The world is your oyster’ and this quote has never been truer. The world has never been more open to people, for both travel or business. David Sterling, the founder of the SAS, said ‘who dares wins,’ a motto for businesspersons across the globe.

Business people across the world over are constantly on the lookout for the next big thing, emerging markets, and the ever elusive big profits. Singapore, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Beijing of China; all are examples of markets within Asia which have opened to the world in recent times, and Jakarta is certainly a place that is attracting more and more business people. As such, the requirements for state of the art hotels are needed, and this is where The Sultan Hotel Jakarta shines.


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Doing Business in Asia

Asia seems to be the place for emerging markets, the strong work ethic, so associated with people from the region, combined with pride in work, and finally a strong sense of entrepreneurial savvy means that Asia is a region on the rise.

The original wave of development came from the nations; Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa; now there are a new set of nations which economists expect to join the lofty heights of their predecessors – Mint – Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey. Based on what we’ve already suggested the strong Asian desire to succeed can only point you to Indonesia.

Doing Business in Jakarta


Indonesia is the largest economy in South East Asia, it is a major leader in the region both in terms of strength of military but also monetarily, and it is one of the nations paving the way for Asean. From its capital, Jakarta, a new superpower is beginning to emerge and those in the know, are flocking for a piece of the action.

Jakarta is the heart of everything financial within Indonesia; it is a swirling hub of office towers, governmental buildings and malls; all gathered up in a swirl of smog. It is from the capital that businessmen can organize everything, from new services to a country demanding everything the West has; new technology to embrace the constant consumer demand and finally, partners to help guide and find the variety of natural resources in the archipelago.

The Sultan Hotel Jakarta is for People Who Mean Business

When a new business comes to town, they will need a place to stay, and when working in business even your place of stay is a display of intent. The Sultan Hotel is a combination of class, exceedingly good location, and useful facilities; all of which is necessary to successfully woo potential partners.It exudes Javanese charm.

There are a range of rooms within the hotel; a range of Deluxe right up to suites and a penthouse. The executive deluxe room is the perfect place of stay for a potential new businessmen to the area. The hotel’s website even describes the room as perfect for any business traveler. The writing desk and free WIFI ensures that any work needed to be done, will be done in comfort; there is a coffee maker present, ensuring you maintain energy through the duration of your work, and finally the security safe is perfect for holding any sensitive documents.

Outside of the rooms, the hotel’s location is perfect for anyone looking to travel for business. Situated on Jalan Gatot Subroto, it is between the fancy Senayan district and Jalan Surdiman, which is the main hub for all business. Senayan has two malls and an upscale arcade, which has excellent restaurants and a couple of bars; the exact kinds of places that business would take clients to discuss business. So the location is ideal for business meetings.


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Finally, in terms of facilities, the hotel offers a state of the art business and conference centre. It has an excellent room for presentations or important meetings, it offers rental on a range of typically necessary equipment and has courier services, both worldwide and national. It even gives secretarial services and a reference library. This hotel is serious about providing a service to global business travelers.


If you have decided that Jakarta is the place for you to do business in, and that the Sultan is the place to help facilitate any of your upcoming deals; then Traveloka has to be your next stop. It is Indonesia’s No.1 online booking agent, and offers discounted prices on a range of hotels in Asia. The executive room typically starts at about 3,531,267IDR, but through Traveloka, it is possible to get the price of 2,648,450IDR a night

Featured image: Flickr Martin Alexius

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